BMW M4 shoot coming soon…


Mercedes Benz C class.
First photoshoot in 2016 – combination of studio and location shots.
Photo & retouch: Tomek Olszowski

Lamborghini Aventador.
This project was in “work in progress” phase for a long time because of its complexity.
Final images contains car shots and CGI backgrounds.


Personal project “Cars of Polish People’s Republic”.
If you had lived in Poland in the eighties, you probably would have had to drive one of these cars.
These three were the most popular and common in Polish People’s Republic and a few years after transformation of our country.
We loved these cars as much, as we hated them but they gave us years of joy and mobility freedom. Now they seem to be just a great seventies design legacy.


Toyota Auris studio photoshoot.

Client: Toyota
Production: AM Productions
Photography & Postproduction: Tomek Olszowski


Jaguar E-type shoot.
Legendary classic shot in modern underground parking.


Mercedes Benz SUV cars campaign.

Client: Mercedes Benz
Agency: Impact BBDO
Production: Magnet Photo Production & Studioflesz
Postproduction: Piotr Fraczkowski & Tomek Olszowski